Press Room

Major League Baseball Players Association

12 East 49th Street, 24th Floor
New York, NY 10017



212.826.0809 (Business Affairs)




CINDY ABERCROMBIE | Contract Administrator 
TIM ANZIANO | Licensing Manager, Hard Goods 
BOBBY BONILLA | Special Assistant, Player Services
PHIL BRADLEY |Special Assistant, Player Services
VIRGINIA CARBALLO | Manager, Player Services
HEATHER CHASE | Assistant General Counsel
YAN CHEN | Executive Assistant, Business Affairs
MARTHA CHILD | Chief Administrative Officer
TONY CLARK | Executive Director
LEONOR COLON | Director, Player Operations 
JENNIFER COONEY | Accounting Assistant
JOSE CRUZ JR. | Special Assistant, Player Services
CHRIS DAHL | Assistant Director, Communications
MARIETTA DICAMILLO | Chief Financial Officer 
EMMY ETIENNE | Consumer Products Assistant
JUAN GARCIA | Database Administrator
ZVEE GEFFEN | Senior Manager, Licensing & New Business
DENNIS GRAHAM | Content Coordinator, Player Operations
ROBERT GUERRA | Assistant General Counsel
JEFFREY HAMMONDS | Special Assistant, Player Services
RICK HELLING | Special Assistant Player Services
AISHA HOPE | Administrative Assistant
XAVIER JAMES | Deputy Chief Operating Officer
EVAN KAPLAN | Director, Licensing and Business Development
ALENA KIM | Players Marketing Assistant
YOLANDA LARGO | Accounting Assistant
BOB LENAGHAN | Assistant General Counsel
MELBA MARKOWITZ | Senior Executive Assistant
KEVIN MCGUINESS | Chief Operating Officer
GRETCHEN MUELLER | Digital Media Coordinator
BRUCE MEYER | Senior Director, Collective Bargaining & Legal
MIKE MYERS | Special Assistant, Player Services 
JESENEA NEGRON | Executive Assistant
MATT NUSSBAUM | Deputy General Counsel
IAN PENNY | General Counsel
LISA PEPIN | Administrative Assistant
JEFF PERCONTE | Assistant General Counsel
ALLYNE PRICE | General Manager, Player Services 
RENE RISMONDO | Coordinator, Player Operations
ERIC RIVERA | Licensing Assistant
REBECCA RIVERA | Receptionist
STEVE ROGERS | Special Assistant, Player Services
RICK SHAPIRO | Senior Advisor to the Executive Director
TIMOTHY SLAVIN | Chief of Business Affairs & Licensing Senior Counsel
KEVIN SLOWEY | Director, Player Services
AARON SOKOL | Licensing Manager, Apparel
ANTHONY SOLIS | Internal Communications Coordinator
JOHN SOWDER | Information Technology Director
DEIRDRE SWEENEY | Accounting Assistant
JAVIER VAZQUEZ | International Special Assistant
DAVE WINFIELD | Special Advisor to the Executive Director