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Collective Bargaining Agreement


From the Basic Agreement:

Article I – Intent and Purpose

The intent and purpose of the Clubs and the Association (hereinafter “the Parties”) in entering into this Agreement is to set forth their agreement on certain terms and conditions of employment of all Major League Baseball Players for the duration of this Agreement.  Each of the Parties acknowledges the rights and responsibilities of the other party and agrees to discharge its responsibilities under this Agreement.


Article II – Recognition

The Clubs recognize the Association as the sole and exclusive collective bargaining agent for all Major League Players and individual who may become Major League Players during the term of this Agreement, with regard to all terms and conditions of employment, provided that an individual Player shall be entitled to negotiate in accordance with the provisions set forth in the Agreement (1) and an individual salary over and above the minimum requirement established by this Agreement and (2) Special Covenants to be included in an individual Uniform Player's Contract, which actually or potentially provide additional benefits to the Player.



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