The 2019 Topps Series 1 is here!


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Throughout the 2019 season, the Major League Baseball Players Association will be spotlighting the countless licensees that play an integral part in the promotion and marketing of the Players. Like the array of Players playing the game today, our licensee partners come from all over and each has their own unique story to tell.


This week we are highlighting Topps’ Series 1 release with our baseball card expert and Senior Manager of Licensing & New Business, Zvee!


On the significance of Topps Series 1 Baseball…

Series 1 marks the unofficial start of the baseball season for many card collectors. It helps turn the page from the prior season and kindles a new focus on the game’s brightest stars and the year’s new rookies. It releases at an exciting time for baseball fans, with pitchers and catchers reporting in a few weeks and Spring Training games right around the corner. It’s one of the biggest baseball card releases of the year and is sold in traditional hobby stores as well as big box retailers (Walmart, Target, etc.), generating a significant amount of publicity as illustrated by the announcement of Ronald Acuña Jr. as card #1 for 2019:

On this season’s baseball card outlook…

Many people may not realize, but between Topps and Panini - our two current baseball card licensees - there are multiple dozens of baseball card products released each year. Topps Series 1 is the first of the calendar year and in many ways helps pave the way for the success of the remaining product calendar. When Series 1 is received well by fans and collectors, it brings attention and fanfare to baseball card collecting that continues to resonate for the months ahead.


On what I’m looking forward to within Topps Series 1…

Topps introduced Home Run Challenge cards in the set last year and will be including them again this season. The cards are player specific and allow the collector to go online and predict dates of future home runs for that player. Prizes are unlocked for correct guesses – I won a limited-edition card with Nolan Arenado last year!



On resonating with Gen X…

This year’s set will celebrate the 35th anniversary of the 1984 Topps design, which many Gen X collectors remember for its Don Mattingly rookie card. 2019 Topps Series 1 will recreate the design while featuring current rookies and veterans.



On who’s included in this year’s set…

Topps Series 1 is the first of three Topps “flagship” releases of the year and includes a wide variety of current superstars, veterans, Rookies and retirees. It’s known for its extensive base set (350 cards) and multiple smaller insert sets. Topps Series 2 and Topps Update Series are released later during the season and will include updated cards for off-season transactions (trades, signed free agents) and in-season Rookie call-ups. A full checklist of Topps Series 1 can be viewed here.

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