#PlayersChoiceCuts: Licensees Team Up To Highlight Player Moments

Emily Kless   10-13-2016

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From Ichiro’s 3000th hit to David Ortiz’s “Final Season,” fans around the world celebrate players’ achievements and milestones by collecting souvenirs to immortalize memories.

Wearing apparel, carrying key chains, hanging pictures – the list goes on for ways that MLBPA 

licensees create products to help fans celebrate Player moments.

To commemorate significant occasions such as Ortiz’s Final Season, the MLBPA has a “highlight program,” that offers players an efficient and effective way to provide their fans a full array of products to make the memories last forever.

This season, 27 MLBPA licensees participated in Ortiz’s “Final Season” program.

To begin, a logo signifying the career milestone or record-setting performance was created, which is then printed on various products.

Big Papi’s logo didn’t just appear on products found in the team store or online,  , but on the field for all to see. During Ortiz’s final regular-season home stand, Red Sox players and coaching staff wore commemorative New Era caps featuring Ortiz’s logo. 

From apparel to knick-knacks, the Players Association’s licensees create a wide range of products that appeal to any fan – male, female, young and old – and  any budget.  

On the apparel side, BreakingT, Fresh Brewed Tees and Majestic Athletic created Big Papi Farewell Tour t-shirts, Hasta La Vista Papi t-shirts, and Ortiz Final Season jerseys, t-shirts and hoodies to wear their love for Big Papi on their backs.

If you don’t ever want to forget Big Papi’s larger than life persona and image,  then Fathead, Highland Mint and Photo File have something special for you.

The David Ortiz Timeline Mural, “Final At Bat” Bronze Coin Photo Mint, and 8x10 David Ortiz honorary photos help fans let the picture do the talking.

Through the MLBPA’s Highlight Program, licensees create  a variety of ways for fans and players alike to commemorate and honor some of the game’s most outstanding performances and careers.