Intern Dave Meets Topps Now Intern Noah


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First, please let me introduce myself.  I’m Intern Dave, and, well, enough about me.

I was recently presented the opportunity to venture out to Citi Field last Thursday evening to meet a kindred spirit – Topps’ newest intern, Noah Syndergaard.  This announcement was made last week at a Citi Field news conference.  Funny, but I didn’t get a news conference when I was hired. 

Anyway, Noah, it was announced, will intern for Topps Now baseball cards.  I presume he’ll do this on the days he’s not pitching.  Otherwise, it would kind of be like me going to Mets games when I’m supposed to be in the office doing Intern Dave stuff.

I saw this news conference as a perfect opportunity for a fellow intern to help out one of his own, as I was assigned by my bosses at the MLBPA to get the inside scoop on the intern hired to assist Topps and its Topps Now product line. 

Topps, in case you didn’t know, is one of the MLBPA’s longest tenured licensing partners. 

The Topps Now product, according to Topps.com, captures the greatest moments and milestones from Major League Baseball games right after they happen.   Topps posts digital versions of these cards on social media and fans can purchase the cardboard versions.  There’s a real neat twist to this, though. The physical cards, which forever capture a special moment in the game, will only be available for purchase on Topps.com for 24 hours.  After 24 hours, the card goes away forever (Ah, the magic of digital!).

Anyway, at the news conference, Noah was joined by representatives from Topps (his bosses, I think), local media and even some celebrities, like Mr. Met, whom engaged in friendly (I think?) banter with the Mets pitcher throughout the news conference.

So what exactly will Noah do for Topps? Is he more of a hands-on guy promoting the product, or does Topps just need someone to make coffee runs, fix the copier or take over their Twitter account while the rest of the Topps’ team is hard at work creating little cardboard masterpieces?  

Those are some of the questions I figured I needed answers to in order to satisfy my demanding bosses.

Personally, as an intern, I also wanted to know why Topps chose Noah for the position while he’s juggling a full workload at the top of the Mets rotation.  I think Mets fans should demand an answer to that question, no?

In true Noah fashion, he stated that his work ethic and positive attitude would be a plus in the workplace, immediately deflecting any criticism from outsiders who think he got the internship because he could help generate some PR for Topps Now.

When it was my turn to ask a question, in front of a horde of New York City media and paparazzi, no less, I drilled him with a zinger.

“What’s your first job going to be?”

He replied by giving me props, first. “That’s a real good question.  I’m probably going to have to disassemble this table and put it in storage and beat up Mr. Met,” he replied.

Sorry, Mr. Met.

My hardball question was followed up by a softball from one of the media members in attendance, asking Noah what he was thinking.

 “I’m really excited to be a part of this Topps internship. It should be a fun time,” Noah replied, displaying his eagerness to work with such an esteemed organization.

I think Topps could be getting a real winner here.

Noah did seem excited to get started, and he didn’t have to wait very long to be put to work by his bosses.  

Noah’s former teammate Bartolo Colon, now with the Atlanta Braves, stopped by to congratulate Noah on his new gig.  Acting fast and opportunistic, Topps Now really put the NOW into the Topps Now and put Noah to work now.   Topps quickly whipped out a giant replica of the card that showed Colon, as a Met, hitting his first-career home run last season at Petco Park, and Noah gladly presented the card to his former teammate.  

As Colon was leaving, Noah tried to follow him out of the room, but, to his chagrin, his Topps work day wasn’t over.   As he predicted earlier, he was summoned back to the room by his Topps bosses and was last seen taking on more ‘intern-y’ duties, cleaning up after the event before slipping away to get to his night job. 


I sure hope Topps is paying him nicely, because the intern life sure can be tough at times. 

To learn more about Topps Now visit their official website here.
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