Honus Bonus Readies for Debut


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If you enjoy both card collecting and the competition of fantasy baseball, Honus Bonus might be just the game for you.

Honus Bonus Fantasy Baseball Cards can be purchased at hobby stores or online and each game card has a scratch-off area that reveals a unique Official Player Code for the player depicted on the front. You can play the Honus Bonus fantasy game by registering at www.honusbonus.com and entering the codes to create your online player collection.

When you register, you will also get 30 free digital game cards – a full lineup -- by clicking on “Free Game Cards.” Once you collect a sufficient number of players to complete a team roster (under the Contest Rules), you can then enter your roster in a game. You may enter one or more rosters, of 30 players each, in each monthly game, but each player may only be used once.

"As a lifelong baseball card collector and long-time fantasy game player, it made perfect sense to combine these two overlapping passions in this unique series of cards," Honus Bonus president Steve Charendoff said.

The “entry period” for the first monthly game ends 11:59 pm on Sunday, April 30, and the game begins on May 1, so you'll need to join soon to participate in the first game.  However, there will be four more game periods this season in June, July, August and September. Monthly cash prizes will total more than $6,000, ranging from $100 for leading in a statistical category to $1,500 for a monthly first-place finish.

Each 30-player roster entered in a game must contain 13 pitchers, six outfielders, two first basemen, two second basemen, two third basemen, two shortstops, two catchers and a utility player or designated hitter – with each of the 30 teams represented only once

Participants will be ranked during each game period based on their roster's actual statistical performance. For hitters, the statistical categories are batting average, home runs, RBIs, stolen bases, runs scored and on-base percentage plus slugging percentage (OPS). For pitchers, the statistical categories are wins, earned run average (ERA), saves, walks plus hits per Inning pitched (WHIP), strikeouts and holds.  See the complete Contest Rules, at www.honusbonus.com/rules, for more information.

Fans can manage the players they collect and organize their fantasy rosters and entries online at www.honusbonus.com. There is no fee to enter a roster and fans may enter as many rosters as they like, although each unique scratch-off code may only be registered and used once.

Honus Bonus Fantasy Baseball Game Cards will also include silver foil-etch parallel cards, unique Career Milestone cards, plus hand-drawn sketch cards. All of these bonus cards will also have unique scratch-off codes for playing the HBP Fantasy Baseball Game.

The Honus Bonus Fantasy Baseball Game Cards will be printed in a 2.5”x 3.5” format and feature eight cards per pack, 24 packs per box and 20 boxes per case. Suggested retail pricing is $2.50 per pack.

“We're consistently trying to find unique and innovative ways to connect fans and our players, and we're excited to enter a new frontier with the Honus Bonus Partners team,” said Evan Kaplan, MLBPA Director, Licensing and Business Development.



To learn more about Honus Bonus watch the tutorial below:


(Disclaimer: This summary does not purport to be a complete description of, and is subject to, the complete Contest Rules, which are located at www.honusbonus.com/rules.)