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Below is the MLB team-by-team list of Free Agent Signings followed by the list of remaining XX-B Free Agents.


Free Agent Signings (as of 0:00 PM ET xx/xx/17)


Arizona Diamondbacks: 

Atlanta Braves: 

Baltimore Orioles:

Boston Red Sox:

Chicago Cubs: 

Chicago White Sox:

Cincinnati Reds:

Cleveland Indians:

Colorado Rockies: 

Detroit Tigers:

Houston Astros:

Kansas City Royals:

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim:

Los Angeles Dodgers: 

Miami Marlins:

Milwaukee Brewers:

Minnesota Twins:

New York Mets:

New York Yankees:

Oakland Athletics:

Philadelphia Phillies:

Pittsburgh Pirates:

St. Louis Cardinals:

San Diego Padres:

San Francisco Giants:

Seattle Mariners:

Tampa Bay Rays:

Texas Rangers:

Toronto Blue Jays:

Washington Nationals:


Below is the list of remaining free agents (as of 00/00/17):


Atlanta Braves (x):

Arizona Diamondbacks (x):

Baltimore Orioles (x):

Boston Red Sox (x):

Chicago Cubs (x):

Chicago White Sox (x): 

Cincinnati Reds (x):

Cleveland Indians (x):

Colorado Rockies (x):

Detroit Tigers (x):

Houston Astros (x):

Kansas City Royals (x):

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (x):

Los Angeles Dodgers (x):  

Miami Marlins (x):

Milwaukee Brewers (x):

Minnesota Twins (x):

New York Mets (x):

New York Yankees (x):

Oakland A's (x):

Philadelphia Phillies (x):

Pittsburgh Pirates (x): 

St. Louis Cardinals (x):

San Diego Padres (x):

San Francisco Giants (x):

Seattle Mariners (x):

Tampa Bay Rays (x):

Texas Rangers (x):

Toronto Blue Jays (x):

Washington Nationals (x):             

* Eligible per contract terms.      

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