Competition Committee & On-Field Changes

CONFIDENTIAL -  For MLBPA/Player Review Only

As you will recall, during our recent CBA negotiations the parties agreed to form a “Competition Committee.” This Committee is responsible for recommending and adopting new and/or amended playing and scoring rule changes. The types of rule changes and amendments that fall under the umbrella of the Competition Committee include pace of game regulations (e.g., pitch timer, inning break/pitching change timer), regulation of shifts, base size, and a potential electronic strike zone.

Competition Committee

The Competition Committee is composed of eleven members: six representatives from the Clubs; four MLBPA Player Reps; and one umpire. 

  • MLB Committee Members: John Stanton (SEA, Chair); Bill DeWitt, Jr. (STL); Greg Johnson (SF); Dick Monfort (COL); Tom Werner (BOS); Mark Shapiro (TOR)

  • Player Committee Members: Jack Flaherty (STL); Tyler Glasnow (TB); Whit Merrifield (KC); Austin Slater (SF) 

    •  Ian Happ (CHC) and Walker Buehler (LAD) will serve as Alternate Committee Members. 

  • Umpire Committee Member: Bill Miller 


No rule proposal can be submitted to a vote unless and until a 45-day consultation period has been completed.  The purpose of this consultation period is to allow for information to be gathered and discussed by the Committee, and for the MLBPA to make comments, voice concerns, and/or to advocate on behalf of amendments or adjustments to any proposed rule change.  (This 45-day consultation period can be extended by mutual agreement of MLB and the MLBPA.)  The Competition Committee is not authorized to institute in-season rule changes.  Instead, any rule approved by the Competition Committee must be announced prior to the mandatory Spring Training reporting date for the season in which the rule will be going into effect.

Next Steps

Now that MLB has officially proposed the three rule changes referenced above, the mandatory 45-day consultation period has begun.  MLBPA Special Assistants will be connecting with Player Reps in each Clubhouse to gather input, recommendations, and questions regarding the three proposals.  Any player interested in additional information about MLB’s proposed rule changes can access summaries of each proposal along with the full proposals by clicking the links below.  And as always, Players who have questions or comments, or who want to review any of the materials discussed at the Competition Committee level, are encouraged to contact the MLBPA.