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MLBPA announces latest staff reorganization and improvements

McGuiness Returns to Private Practice; James, Colon, Dreyfuss, and Hammonds promoted. Arnaud joins the staff.

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The Major League Baseball Players Association today announced several key staff changes and promotions to begin the new season.


Kevin McGuiness, who has served as the Chief Operations Officer for the last five years after years as a top Washington, D.C. political strategist and lobbyist, has decided to step down.  “Kevin jumped in at a very crucial time for the Association,” Executive Director Tony Clark said. “And used his extensive experience to help make our entire organization better and stronger. He will be missed but we greatly appreciate his significant contributions to the Association.” McGuiness is reopening his consulting company and the MLBPA will be his first client.


Xavier D. James, who currently serves as the Deputy Chief Operations Officer, will be promoted to Chief Operations Officer and will oversee organizational infrastructure, human resources, staffing, and budgeting as well as provide support for the business and philanthropic areas of the Association.  “Xavier’s combination of business, legal, and operational experience has added tremendous value to the Association,” Clark said. “Expanding his role will result in a seamless transition in the COO’s office.”


Leonor Colon has been named the Senior Director of International and Domestic Player Operations, where she will be focusing on a number of programs directly impacting Players on and off the field, including media and governmental outreach overseas, the Association’s international footprint, and joint MLB/MLBPA educational activities. “Leonor is well-recognized as a strong and passionate advocate for Players,” Clark said. “Her considerable experience will ensure substantive and consistent support for our members regardless of where they call home.”


In addition to his current duties as an Associate General Counsel, Greg Dreyfuss has been named Director, Analytics and Baseball Operations, and will oversee the Association’s ongoing data development and accompanying analytics used in salary arbitration, free agency, and other areas impacting Players. “As data analytics continues to be of paramount importance to the business of baseball, Greg has been a highly effective advocate for Players for years and has now assumed a leadership role in this area” Clark said. “His continued guidance will ensure that our members will receive best-in-class analytical support.”


Jeffrey Hammonds, a former MLB Player, has been named the Associate Director, Player Programs and Initiatives. He will focus on facilitating Player-designed programs to promote the game of baseball with youth around the world and programs that support their overall development as young people. “As a former Major League All-Star, an All-American collegiate Player and graduate of Stanford University, a member of the ’92 Olympic team, and years of experience working with the Association as well as teaching young people, Jeffrey will bring a wealth of experience to developing innovative programs that will appeal to kids of all backgrounds,” Clark said.

Hiram Arnaud will join the staff as an Associate General Counsel and will work on bargaining, CBA enforcement, grievance administration, and disciplinary matters. A graduate of Cornell Law School, he has represented employees in federal and state court, before administrative agencies, and in grievance arbitrations. “Hiram has extensive experience advising unions and their Spanish speaking members on labor law and employee rights,” Clark said.  “With his addition, our Legal Department will be better equipped to serve all Players, in English and Spanish, with the challenges they face on a daily basis.”


“Taken together, these changes will improve the quality and scope of services provided to Players throughout the year and in preparation for collective bargaining,” Clark said.

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