This month, in celebration of Women’s History Month, the MLBPA recognizes the contributions of the 22 women who work at the union, along with all their predecessors who had an impact on baseball labor history through the years with their energy, time and commitment to excellence.

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Major League Baseball Players Association

Is the union that represents players on the 40-man rosters of the 30 Major League baseball teams and oversees MLB Players, Inc., which exclusively represents the group commercial and licensing activities involving active players. 

On behalf of its members, the union also operates the Major League Baseball Players Trust ( ), a 501(c)3 charitable foundation that supports youth baseball development as well as a full range of causes and initiatives as directed by its member players.


MLBPA Press Room


Collective Bargaining Agreement between the MLBPA and MLB



Major League Baseball's Joint Drug Prevention and Treatment Program.


MLB Players, Inc.

The MLBPA's group licensing program utilizes the collective marketing power of Major League Baseball players to assist licensees and sponsors who want to associate their brands and products with the excitement that Major Leaguers can provide.


The Major League Baseball Players Association (“MLBPA”) is the sole and exclusive bargaining agent for all Major League Baseball Players and individuals preparing to negotiate a Major League contract.  Only MLBPA General 

Certified Agents may represent or advise a represent or advise a player in negotiating the terms of a Major League contract.

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