MLB Players, Inc. is the for-profit corporate subsidiary of the Players Association.  It is charged with managing all commercial activities of the organization.  At the core of MLBPI’s business today, it brings to market products and services featuring the publicity rights (name/image/likeness) of our Players.  We grant these rights to our  100+ partners all over the world when more than two Players are featured.  MLBPI negotiates agreements with companies to ensure Player-licensed products are part of the suite of baseball-related items fans want - when and where they want them. 


Our scope of business extends to licensing, corporate sponsorship, media, promotions, sweepstakes, contests, and events.  For all the categories of products we cover, we engage with our partners directly to feature and promote Players in efforts in the best interest of the game and boost sales.  As part of these efforts, we take significant steps to protect the positive image and reputation of each Player, using our resources to ensure we approve only those products or services that use Players in products of high quality, and are reflective of a positive Player “brand.”  Finally, our duties include the protection of Player rights, including in commercial legal claims.  This includes, in some instances, commencing lawsuits, or defending lawsuits when companies seek to limit Player opportunity.

Evan Kaplan

Managing Director

Heather Chase

Deputy General Counsel

Shawn McDonald

Vice President, Business & Legal Affairs

Robert Sanzillo

Vice President, Strategy, Operations & Legal Affairs

MLB Players, Inc. Staff A-Z

Tim Anziano

Manager, Hard Goods

Emma Bedeker

Senior Coordinator, Player Marketing

Christian Jung Buonadonna

Christian Buonadonna

Quality Assurance

Jared Finkel

Manager, Baseball Cards

Zvee Geffen

Director of Licensing

Jane Gross

Intellectual Property Counsel

Riley Henderson

Licensing Coordinator

Austin Lyons

Manager, Apparel

Marcellus Murdock

Marcellus Murdock

Quality Assurance

Michael Polis

Departmental Coordinator

Eric Rivera

Senior Coordinator, Digital Gaming & Baseball Cards

Kate Ryan

Senior Coordinator, Operations