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For several decades, MLBPA has conducted a worldwide group licensing program on behalf of all Major League baseball players.

MLBPA holds the exclusive, worldwide right to use, license and sublicense the names, numbers, nicknames, likenesses, signatures, playing records and biographical data (known as “publicity rights”) of all active MLB players (collectively, the “Rights”) for use in or in connection with any brand, product, service or product line in various circumstances, including when more than 2 players are involved in such brand, product line or other venture.  Recently, MLBPA appointed MLB Players, Inc. to represent MLBPA in connection with its licensing business, and granted MLBPI the authority to (among other things) negotiate, administer and/or manage the licensing, merchandising, sponsorship, promotional and general business activities involving the Rights and the MLBPA trademarks.

MLBPA’s rights include instances, e.g., where the publicity rights of 3 or more active MLB players are featured on a single product (for example, a single poster featuring three or more players) or where 3 or more players are featured on individual products within a product line or brand (for example, three separate posters, each of which featuring the publicity rights of only one player, offered by a company in a given year). MLBPA’s rights also include promotional uses in which 3 or more players are used by third party to promote a brand, product line or services, including in connection with corporate sponsorship, advertising, promotional materials, sweepstakes, contests, premiums, events or other programs.

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