Hank Aaron Invitational


Major League Baseball (MLB), the Major League Baseball Players Association (MLBPA), USA Baseball and the Atlanta Braves have announced the re-branded Hank Aaron Invitational, which will add new elements to the effective approach of the former "Elite Development Invitational." The unique amateur development event will serve as a youth-oriented, on-field diversity initiative that aims to get high school-age players, with diverse backgrounds, to the next levels of the game.

After having to postpone this year’s Hank Aaron Invitational a few months back, Hank Aaron and Ken Griffey Jr. congratulate this year’s graduating athletes. This is only the beginning. The future is brighter with all of you in it.

Elite youth ball players from around the country and Puerto Rico Traveled to Vero Beach, Florida for the 2019 Hank Aaron Invitational. Former MLB Players were on hand to share their expert knowledge and experience. It provided the next generation of big league hopefuls the opportunity few have!