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Unlike the other Hispanic baseball havens that have long traditions within Major League Baseball, Honduras’ presence is just beginning. 


The Central American country, home to former player Gerald Young and San Francisco Giants rookie Mauricio Dubón, the only two Honduran players in MLB history, has a rich history in soccer. Baseball, still just a small part of the Honduran world of sports, is now beginning to gain in popularity.


With Dubón already impressing fans at the major league level, Honduras is set for what appears to be a bright future in the game.


Born in San Pedro Sula, Mauricio Dubón was in love with baseball from an early age, practicing with his older brother Danilo every day after school. When the Sacramento Capital Christian School baseball team traveled to Honduras on a mission trip, Dubón knew playing in the United States would offer his best chance to be noticed. At age 15, Dubón conferred with his family and decided to move to California, where he would have an opportunity to hone his baseball skills while attending high school. 


As a foreign exchange student, he hit .509 in his junior and senior years and began showing signs of defensive brilliance. Selected by the Boston Red Sox in the 26th round of the 2013 MLB Draft, he was traded to the Brewers’ organization in 2016 and made his MLB debut with the team in 2019.  He would change teams again at the trade deadline, this time going to the Giants.

At 26, Dubon has shown he has what it takes to succeed at the major league level and emerged as one of the game's most promising rookies.

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