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Major League Baseball Players Association Launches New Mental Health & Wellness Program

NEW YORK, May 1 – The Major League Baseball Players Association today announced the launch of the Mental Health and Wellness Program, a groundbreaking initiative to support the holistic well-being of major league and minor league players and their families. 

This innovative program will operate independently from Major League Baseball and the individual clubs, ensuring confidentiality and accessibility for players.

“As mental health awareness grows in locker rooms and clubhouses across the sports world, the Players Association is committed to providing its members with the confidential help and support they need,” said Tony Clark, executive director of the MLBPA. “The program marks a significant advancement in promoting a culture of mental wellness within the baseball community.’’

The Mental Health and Wellness Program will be led by Dr. Jonathan Fader, former team psychologist for the New York Mets and director of mental conditioning for the New York Giants. Dr. Fader and his team from Union Square Practice bring a wealth of experience and a player-focused approach to the program. 

"Mental health is as much about addressing stress, family relationships, and balance as it is about treating depression and anxiety," Dr. Fader said. "Just like with physical health, you don't have to be sick to get better." 

One focus of the program will be to provide access to care for Spanish-speaking players, who represent nearly one-third of MLB rosters and have historically faced significant barriers to mental health treatment. "We must offer the same resources to all players," said Dr. Fader, a fluent Spanish speaker, underscoring the program's commitment to inclusivity and equal access. 

The program’s leadership team also includes Chris Singleton, special assistant in the MLBPA and a former major league outfielder, and Amanda Fazio, a mental performance coach at Union Square Practice. Together, they will develop a national network of mental health resources and create digital media resources available across the league. John Mariani, MD, will continue to work with players and the Mental Health program team as a consulting psychiatrist. 

For more information about the Mental Health and Wellness Program, please contact: Chris Singleton, 


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