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MLBPA seeks voluntary recognition from MLB to represent Minor Leaguers

NEW YORK, Sept. 6 – With a significant majority of minor leaguers already authorizing the Major League Baseball Players Association to become their collective bargaining representative and to create their own Minor League bargaining unit, the MLBPA today requested formal recognition from Major League Baseball.

“Minor league Players have made it unmistakably clear they want the MLBPA to represent them and are ready to begin collective bargaining in order to positively affect the upcoming season,” Executive Director Tony Clark said.

The organizing campaign for minor leaguers began just days ago and immediately received overwhelming support. It was authorized in advance by the MLBPA’s Executive Board, which voted without dissent to support the Minor League Players’ efforts to form a new bargaining unit under the MLBPA umbrella.


CONTACT: Chris Dahl, Director of Communications, 917-699-1294,


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