Players achieve key objectives in new Basic Agreement

NEW YORK, March 10 -- The Major League Baseball Players Association today reached agreement with Major League Baseball on a new, five-year collective bargaining agreement.

Withstanding a 99-day lockout by owners, Players negotiated a new CBA that enhances competition on and off the field, ensures first-class medical and pension benefits for Players and their families, institutes unprecedented contractual enhancements that will apply throughout the Association’s membership, and provides fairer wages to Players at all points of their careers.

“Our union endured the second-longest work stoppage in its history to achieve significant progress in key areas that will improve not just current players’ rights and benefits, but those of generations to come,” Executive Director Tony Clark said. “Players remained engaged and unified from beginning to end, and in the process reenergized our fraternity.”

Among the key components of the 2022-2027 Basic Agreement:

  • Significant increases to minimum salaries

  • Institution of a new, $50M bonus pool that will reward the achievements of Players who have not yet reached salary arbitration eligibility

  • Significant increases to the payroll thresholds applicable under the Competitive Balance Tax

  • Amendments to the Rule 4 Draft Order designed to deter tanking

  • Draft pick incentives for Clubs who promote top prospects and avoid service time manipulation

  • Pension benefits will continue as the best allowed by law

  • Best-in-class medical benefits for Players and their families

  • Improved benefits for former Players

  • Expanded post-season (12-teams)

  • A limit on the number of times a Player can be optionally assigned to the minors in a single season