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Players Association adds analytics expertise

NEW YORK, Jan. 29, 2021 – The Major League Baseball Players Association today announced the addition of Craig Edwards to fill the new role of Senior Analyst, Economics and Collective Bargaining.

Edwards has spent the past six years researching and publishing baseball analysis primarily for the popular website and will now apply his considerable skills to the union’s efforts in a range of areas from collective bargaining to salary arbitration to communications.

“Craig has demonstrated a keen ability to identify and evaluate both on-field and economic trends in our industry,” Executive Director Tony Clark said. “He’ll take an integral role in supporting our mission to advance and protect Players’ rights, particularly as we approach negotiations for a new Basic Agreement.”

A graduate of Drake University and the University of Iowa College of Law who resides in Chicago, Edwards spent the first nine years of his career in legal practice before pivoting to pursue his passion for baseball analytics.

Most recently a senior writer at FanGraphs, he joined the site in 2015 and has devoted much of his in-depth analysis to topics and issues that affect the game. He also was managing editor for the Viva El Birdos blog from 2015 through 2018 and has been a frequent contributor to

Edwards will report to General Counsel Ian Penny.



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